Cyelcor Ltd
公司名称 Cyelcor Ltd
所在地区 亚洲-塞浦路斯    
主营产品 fire detectors    
联 系 人    
联系电话 357-25-323279 公司地址 6, Lambousas Street, 4527, Moutayiaka Limassol N / A Cyprus
传  真 357-323289 邮政编码 4527
电子邮箱 公司网址

      Cyelcor Ltd was founded in 1981 by Kypros Stefanou B. Sc. C. Eng. MIEE in Limassol, Cyprus. Over the past 27 years in the trade we have provided our clients with the best and most reliable services at the most competitive prices.

      We are very proud to state that Cyelcor Ltd is the certified authorised representative of Tyco Fire and Security and Thorn Security for Cyprus.
联系电话:0086-13086863446  13844800980   传真:0086-431-82682990  QQ:310983584   

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