Yeo Eng Koon(S) Pte Ltd
公司名称 Yeo Eng Koon(S) Pte Ltd
所在地区 亚洲-新加坡    
主营产品 Fire-Fighting    
联 系 人    
联系电话 65-62855995 98570857 公司地址 1 Defu Lane
传  真 65-62841298 邮政编码
电子邮箱 公司网址
 Yeo eng koon (s) pte ltd has been established since 1973 and is a pioneer in lpg distribution for home and industries. We have since diversified into other related businesses including a distribution centre for mobil oil lpg as well as a lpg equipment distributor.
联系电话:0086-13086863446  13844800980   传真:0086-431-82682990  QQ:310983584   

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